Saturday, March 10, 2007


And everyone knows it! - Michaud knows it too, that's why he made his very own "Love Michaud" Custom Valentine's Day T-shirt. So you can love him all day long! Feel the warm flow of Michaud against your skin, feel Michaud's downy softness!

Yes, Michaud is the shizzles my nizzles. But don't take Fatkat's word for it...

Take the word of this young woman who's obviously infatuated with our Michaud

!Go Michaud Go!

We love you Michaud, you're the best, big hugs and ginger snaps the next time I see you.



At 3/11/2007 12:39:00 PM , Blogger MisterMichaud said...

I know what you're all thinking (because most of you have already told me). "How do I get my very own Michaud t-shirt?" Sorry, but ya can't. It's a one time only Valentine's day gift.

I am, however, designing a new one which will hopefully be just as ridiculously awesome. Stay tuned!


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