Monday, May 28, 2007


Last thursday we were delighted to finally have Heather Kenyon kick it old school here in the Miramichi. Heather came up to not only come see what Fatkat's been up to, but also to speak at the local animation college - NBCC Miramichi - here in the city.

During her talk at the college, I took some notes, would you like? Yes, thank you.

I met Heather back in 1998 at the Ottawa International Animation Festival and have met her at almost every single event that I've been to in the years since then. Man, that girl travels alot.

Keith Dury and Heather posing for some pics. Last year Keith and Heather met for the first time at the OIAF.

Tracy Fernandez and Heather have become good chums throughout all the conferences.

NBCC Miramichi - Animation Instructor (and good pal of mine) Ricky Knowles and Heather pose it up.

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At 5/30/2007 03:31:00 PM , Blogger Jay D Smith said...

cool, cheers for the notes!


At 10/22/2008 02:33:00 AM , Blogger Juanma said...

How u doing long time no chat
havent seen you online lately
anyway hows the company going
I´ll be visiting canada in a few days to show some pitches around
some Networks and studios
it´d be nice if we can meet up.
(funny enough i was recently talking about heather kenyon since she met up with one of my exec producers in L.a)

At 4/02/2009 05:01:00 PM , Blogger Lillkorven said...

Hai guise! What up with the notes? Link's broken.


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