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SUPERNORMAL will make its TV debut on the CITV Channel this Saturday 1st September at 10:15am, and then on ITV1 (the official series launch) on Saturday 8th September at 10:15am and Sunday 9th September at 11:05am (start times for 8/9 Sept have not yet gone to press so may still shift slightly)

It's too bad we don't get these channels here in Canada however SuperNormal is a great show and won't be too long before we see it on our TV's on this side of the pond.

We've been working on SuperNormal with World Leaders Entertainment for exactly a year this month and it's been a great experience.

The Supernormal crew at World Leaders Entertainment during a Halloween party last fall. These guys are a great business partner.

Nisa Contreras and Rachel Simon (Producers of SuperNormal at World Leaders in NYC) and their team of artists are fantastic to work with. Miguel Martinez (Director) is doing a great job, the show is very pretty (amazing backgrounds!) and quite funny.

A Producer meeting at Fatkat, discussing various thingies on the second story patio.

The crew at Fatkat deserve a big pat on the back as well, Animation Directors Jon Roth and Sean Rule and their animation teams for doing what it takes to make the show shine. Mike Concannon / Lauren Grieman and the design/assembly team for their solid performances throughout the production. Of course to Doug Little and Robbie Anderson for keeping it all on track at the 'kat. Great job everyone!

Fatkat Animation Supervisor Keith Fukumoto inline with his cast mates.

About The Show
(Taken from the CITV website... ...thanks!)

In the ordinary city of Crumptonville can be found a school for superheroes!

Sure, the students wear Spandex and study Death Traps and Doomsday Machines, but they still have all the problems normal kids have at normal schools. There are super-achievers and super-slackers, super-nerds and super-jocks… there's even a teacher's pet - but it lives in the basement, and eats cats!

SuperNormal follows the adventures of four of the, er, less promising students at the school.

There’s Changerella - a peace-loving shape-shifter who thinks the world would be happier with more flowers, love and pink stuff.

The Brass Butt (BB to his friends) - he's not too bright, but is super strong and uses his mighty and shiny brass butt to fight the forces of evil!

Buzz Girl - a sarcastic four-armed girl who possesses a multitude of powers from the insect world... and a weakness for porch lights!

And Eric Normal. An ordinary boy with no superpowers whatsoever. Yet through a combination of sheer good luck and a little dash of common sense, he was able to get through the school’s combination obstacle course/entrance exam.

It's here that brave, enthusiastic and earnest Eric Normal and his friends will learn what it really means to be heroes, with or without superpowers!

Eric Normal

"Eric never rests, and neither do I!" vows Eric Normal, the world's first superhero without superpowers!

Eric Normal may wear a Spandex suit and a home made cape, but the only thing super about him is his total normalcy.

Fiesty and determined, Eric is living every kid's dream: he gets to dress up in a colourful costume and punch things, but he takes his role as a superhero-in-training very seriously. He's filled with enthusiasm, a keen sense of justice and is itching to give evil a swift kick in the butt. Eric knows that he doesn't have any superpowers, but that won't stop him from getting stuck in!

He fancies himself as a master planner, but his plans are rarely thought out.But whether it's luck or coincidence, Eric Normal will always stand victorious.

When the fate of the world teeters on the brink of oblivion, a 13-year old kid with the power of being super normal may not be the first person you think of ringing, but Eric always has his hand on the phone, ready to answer the call of justice!

The Brass Butt

Strong, loyal and, er, strong! The Brass Butt is Eric Normal's best friend and constant companion. BB (as he's known to his friends) comes from a long line of Brass Butts. His father was a Brass Butt. His father's father was a Brass Butt. His father's father's father was a just a tin butt, but that guy's dad was a Brass Butt too!

BB can stop an army of tanks with one hand tied behind his butt. But he’s not the brightest of superheroes. Luckily, he's very clear on his role: Eric thinks, he punches! The Brass Butt is always eager to follow Eric's lead, and often with disastrous results because he's rarely capable of following even the simplest plan beyond "Okay BB, now listen..." - he's got the "now listen" part down, but everything after that is just a blur!

Although the brass butt he wears is a mere accessory, he chooses to "express" his super-strength through the heavy chunk of metal attached to his bum. It may be easier to use his shoulder to knock down a wall, but BB will always go butt first. And of course, his brass butt is prone to falling off at the most inappropriate - and embarrassing - times – usually revealing comedy boxer shorts!

BB would do anything for Eric. He eagerly compensates for Eric's lack of superpowers by picking up his friend and hurling him into action so Eric can "fly" - usually straight into the side of a building! With just a few more brain cells, The Brass Butt could be a superhero legend - or at least make it through the day without squishing one of the other students!


Sometimes evil just needs a hug - and Changerella's just the girl to do it. Driven by eternal optimism, Changerella just wants to make Earth a nicer place.

If you ever need a bright pink tank that shoots daffodils, Changerella's the superhero that you should call. A powerful shape-shifter, Changerella can morph into anything.

Despite her optimism she has no problem with getting down and dirty when someone clashes with her vision of the world order. She can be a whirling dervish of adorable ferocity!

The most empathetic of the group, she often feels bad for foiling the villain's plans to rule the world and hurting his or her feelings. Caring and sensitive, Changerella finds that tipping the cosmic scales in the battle between good and evil is totally boring. She's just as willling to do battle against a villain because he trampled a flowerbed as she is because his nasty alien spaceship fleet threatens the planet!

In her spare time, Changerella likes to collect greetings cards and memorise the sayings from inspirational posters.

Buzz Girl

Buzz Girl has all the powers of a bug. Sure she can fly, climb walls and spin a web - but she also has strong cravings for sugar and a long, unpredicatable tongue.

Sarcastic and cunning, Buzz Girl is a rule breaker illing to bend the rules if it'll help the group to succeed. In Eric's case he'll break a rule to achieve a higher good - Buzz Girl just thinks it's fun.

Buzz Girl always viewed herself as an outsider, and in Eric she found the ultimate outsider - a kid with no superpowers at all. Besides, who else is Buzz Girl going to hang out with? The ultra-vain Captain Scrumptious? Yeah, right!

Buzz Girl's darker nature can most likely be blamed on her family. A few members of her extended hive have dedicated their powers to the forces of evil and now operate as villains. Needless to say, this makes family gatherings a little uncomfortable…

Regardless of her strong personality, she is still ruled by her bug impulses. She's capable of flight - if you can call zigging and zagging and bouncing off windows like a fly "flying" - and is often compelled to bang her head against the nearest lightbulb. She's cool and level headed.

Just don't call her "four-arms"!

More about the show here

Big Thanks to World Leaders Entertainment, Granada and CITV

Here's to season 2!



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