Tuesday, February 19, 2008


To celebrate the completion of episode one of our flagship production 3 Delivery we're going to drink our fizzies at the local pub! At O'Donahue's Pub we're going to screen the finished episode, tip some glasses to our hard work and make a fool out of ourselves on national television. Yeah that's right, CBC is coming to town to film an episode of Land and Sea, of which Fatkat is going to be featured.

We have a dandy drink special 2beers for $5 from 8 to 9 and I also have a tab for some free beers after that, it's limited, but hey, free beers man!

Also that night, the City of Miramichi has offered to pony up to provide the musical makings of Miramichi Manacle "Moose Knuckle". So get your tight pants on and show em whose boss. That means you Neil.

See ya there!


See ya there!


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At 3/13/2008 04:45:00 AM , Blogger Abhijeet said...

Hey Gene,

Congratulation for completion of 3 Delivery episode. Fun to see the Fatkat family having great time in the party…u guys ROCK!!!
Once again congos from Trimity and all the very best to Fatkat Family n keep ROCKING   …we love u guys.


At 6/20/2009 09:23:00 AM , Blogger abedahmed said...

hey if you make this
well done, i watch it on cbbc and it is just awesome :D


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