Thursday, June 19, 2008


Today a group of us wearing sombreros raced over to Croft elementary school here in Miramichi to show some kids a sneek peek of 3 delivery.

We watched episode 3 " Great Balls of Fire".

The kids loved the show, especially Toby, it was really interesting to see what they reacted to at this age and what gags they got, what they didn't. Now we can make a better show!

Some Kats that came with us!

Curtis, the man with the plan.
Steve Bennett, beardless.
Jon "I'm always up for a little pirate booty" Roth.
Big Show
The dude in the front is Spencer Daigle, famed son of our very own Dallas Daigle in HR.

Ryan was stickin up other fingers prior to this photo.

Neil found some golden ponies.

Jon getting his cool lean on for the kids.

Keith was scarin the hell out of everyone.

Lots of laughs! FUN!


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