Wednesday, September 24, 2008


  1. While in Ottawa I met with my old pals at Dacapo Productions and realized what truly great partners they are.
  2. While in Ottawa I realized how cool Rob Anderson really is.
  3. While in Ottawa I made a great new friend who was there all along.
  4. While in Ottawa I realized that the Canadian animation industry is taking a shit kicking from the Recession in the US.
  5. While in Ottawa we interrupted the opening ceremony with an appearance by the Space Knights.
  6. While in Ottawa I realized how well respected and known Fatkat is.
  7. While in Ottawa I realized that Fatkat's ideas are on the cutting edge of what's being pitched.
  8. While in Ottawa we created fantastic new partnerships with some very influential people.
  9. While in Ottawa I realized what I should be doing all along.
  10. While in Ottawa we told Seth Green that Robot Chicken isn't truly a hit show unless it has a dildo cannon.
Let's do it again next year!


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At 9/24/2008 04:33:00 PM , Blogger tinylittlesandra said...

Good luck with the pitch! Glad to see you guys doing so well. I'm sorry I didnt see you there... maybe I'll catch you next year :)

At 9/24/2008 09:03:00 PM , Blogger Rob A. said...

I'm not cool. I'm just drawn that way.

At 9/29/2008 10:13:00 PM , Blogger michael valiquette said...

Your facial hair certainly is.


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