Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Red Knight waiting for his close up.

Right about now (the funk soul brother) we're animating episode 1 of 2 on the good ship Space Knights for Teletoon's Detour uplift pilot program. Wee's got to thinkin about 3 months ago, "hell we've never done any live action mixed with our animation in ages!" So we thought it'd be fun to contact the Space Knights and see if they'd come over and shoot some extra footage for our pilots!

The lighting genius Mark Hemmings checks his blackberry more than you do.

So our delicious Fatkat writer, Brian Tucker kicked us out a few diddys, we passed them to our boys at Teletoon for a quick review and within a week we had our other boys at Hemmings House Pictures come up to shoot some Space Knight goodness. Here are some pics from last week's shoot.

Producer Rob Anderson is always on the phone.

We shot all four clips here at Fatkat, we're lucky we have a vast range of locations within our building that suited our objectives. Having a pub in the basement of the studio has more benefits then we originally plotted!

Creative Producer "Beans" Mark and Andrew all get the final set ready for shooting.

Here's some silly stills from each shoot.

Beans gets the old broom closet down in the Legion bar ready for the Green Knight shoot.

Andrew and I go over the script for the Blue's shoot up in the coffee lounge.

Again in the Coffee lounge, Andrew helps Red get his gear on.

Black of course takes a break at the bar with a pint of lager and his favorite gang sign.

More to show soon!

Go Muthaflippin Space Knights!


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At 12/11/2008 10:01:00 PM , Blogger Rich Gould said...

DUDE! This shit looks awesome. Can't wait to see end result. PUHLEESE keep me posted.

At 12/18/2008 08:00:00 PM , Blogger Greg Hemmings said...

YEAH!!!! Great blog Gene...man you are some muthaflippin rad.

My brother Mark and I kind look alike, don't you think?


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